I help software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies acquire and retain customers.


All of the companies I work with are eager to find customers and hold onto them.  They need an effective marketing process in place for their SaaS business to succeed.

Most of the companies I work with already have a solution in the market and and many have attracted some early customers.  And now they're eager to grow more quickly.

Replace "random acts of marketing" with a plan

But their marketing activities aren't delivering that growth. 

The hodge-podge of marketing programs they're spending time money on- a website, an occasional blog post, a few events, maybe an email campaign - isn't working.  It's full of gaps or bottlenecks and prospective customers are leaking out of the pipeline... or never getting into the pipeline.

Through years of working with SaaS companies, I've seen most of the challenges up close, and I know how to fix them.  I work with them to build a well-structured process that works more efficiently to acquire and retain customers.

Three parts to the solution

My engagements with clients usually involve at least one of three elements that are essential to an effective marketing effort: 

  1. Market analysis & positioning
  2. A customer acquisition plan
  3. Marketing materials. 

I'd be happy to talk with you to see how I could help with your particular SaaS marketing challenges.  Give me a call or drop me a note

Market Analysis & Positioning

Understand your customers and speak directly to their needs.


Customer Acquisition Planning

Build an efficient customer acquisition machine.

Marketing Materials

 Get the attention of your customers with marketing materials that drive action.

Only urgent problems require solutions

Until your prospective customer sees that they have a problem - and it’s an urgent problem that’s hurting their business every day that it’s not fixed - they’re not interested in your solution. Marketing needs to make the problem a top priority. Until it’s a priority problem, there’s no opportunity to sell a solution.