As the principal of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors, I've worked with many software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to improve their marketing processes and attract and retain more customers.

Some of the SaaS companies I work with are well-established and need to plug leaks or break through bottlenecks in their sales pipeline, sharpen their messages to distinguish them from competitors, reduce churn, or make other fixes to their marketing and sales process.

Other clients are relatively new to the market and need my help to build a well-structured, cost-effective customer acquisition machine - one that fits the SaaS business model.  I work with them to prepare a compelling value proposition targeting their specific market, and develop a logical marketing plan, often to replace a hodge-podge of disconnected activities.

My recommendations are based on a review of my clients' existing messages, programs, and metrics, discussions with customers, an assessment of competitors, and my own experience marketing SaaS solutions in many different markets.

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