Digesting the Pig in the Python

I suggested in my last post that to cope with the accelerated product enhancement schedule for SaaS solutions, marketers should distinguish between those enhancements that deserve first class treatment and those deserving only coach or baggage class treatment.

If I had enabled the audio feedback function of my blog, I suppose I may have heard derisive remarks along the lines of, "Very clever, but what if I really do need to manage a significant enhancement? And what if I have 3 or 4 or 5 in a row? What then?"

Actually, this situation is common early in a product's life. You introduce big chunks of functionality, one right after another in short order, as you put your basic product into the market. This is aptly labeled, the "pig in the python" phenomenon.

Dealing with this phenomenon requires a well-ordered and repeatable product enhancement introduction process. You'll need to develop a standard checklist of activities, a consistent set of messages, and assigned roles for all the marketing support functions: PR, web managers, event coordinators, etc.

I won't guarantee that you won't suffer some heartburn, but if you establish and follow the process, you will finally digest the pig.