A Marketing Response to the Fear of an Outage

Jeff Kaplan at THINKstrategies commented on the recent outage at Salesforce.com and its potential impact on the SaaS market. "Will Salesforce.com's Outage Derail the SaaS Market?" It presents particular challenges for SaaS application marketing and sales people.

An outage and disruption of service is never a good thing, but it’s a problem that’s hardly unique to SaaS applications. On-premise applications go down too. As a CIO friend of mine once explained, “When my phone rings, it’s usually bad news. No one ever calls to thank me that their email is up and running!”

SaaS application marketers can’t promise 100% uptime. But to gain the confidence of CIOs they might consider showing the uptime stats for their application and inviting those CIOs to compare them to the uptime of their on-premise applications. Realistic CIOs will understand the value of the comparison and should appreciate the candor.